Stipula Promethia Prototype Fountain Pen - Extremely Rare


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     This pen, designed by master sculptor Paolo Cerrini in high-relief engraved sterling silver with 18K gold highlights, depicts the light-bringer Prometheus reaching downwards towards mankind with his fateful gift of fire, while above him a counsel of Greek gods headed by Zeus sits in judgment. It features a Plunger filling system and a medium 18K two-tone gold nib. It is packaged in a generic Stipula box and is in excellent to near mint condition. Never inked!

      Limited Edition: The pen is one of several prototypes created in advance of the standard limited edition of 398. These prototypes may differ in subtle ways from the production models, making them essentially unique. They were not commercially available and are extremely difficult to obtain. This example is from the personal collection of the former owner of Retro 1951, the original U.S. distributor for the Stipula Pen Company.
     On the cap of the pen is the figure of Prometheus, the divine hero who freed humankind from the yoke of ignorance and improved their brutish lives at the cost of invoking the wrath of Zeus.