Stipula I Castoni Prototype Made For Retro's George Kartsotis


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A specially made prototype from Stipula created exclusively for Retro 1951's George Kartsotis.  You'll clearly see the 051 number on the pen's barrel.  A couple of unique features for this pen.  First, the production black I Castoni included a red stone on the clip.  This example has a lapis stone.  Second, on top of the cap is a box with the color of the stone imprinted.  This was NEVER done on any production pens.  Another neat feature (gimmick) is the adjustable tension tube controlling the roller ball refill.  By tightening or loosening the refill sleeve, you can get some give on the the tip, kinda like a flex nib fountain pen (this is not a fountain pen, though the system was included in all of the original production models). The pen is in its original packaging and is a one-of-a-kind item for the Retro collector who knows the history (first U.S.A. distributor of Stipula) of the company.