Stipula Baracca Prototype Fountain Pen - RARE!

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      Offered here is a prototyped of the pen designed by Stipula by W. Boattini in commemoration of the WWI flying ace, Grancesco Baracca.  This example is stamped: P1-888 (Prototype Number One).  This pen is made of precious black ebonite with .925 sterling silver trim and an 18k broad nib.  The cap is engraved with a prancing horse to symbolize Baracca's bravery for Italy.  The packaging includes a yellow tube and ribbon that echo back to messenging tubes used by WWI pilots to pass notes to the ground.  The Olive green fabric swatch with pockets resembles a military blouse and pockets. This offering includes all boxes and papers.  This pen was acquired directly from Stipula's U.S. importer upon his retirement from the pen business.  There is a blemish/nick on the pen's Sterling Silver clip (see photos).  The number on the pen's booklet DOES NOT match the actual pen...just included by the distributor to complete the package.