Stipula Baracca Prototype Fountain Pen - RARE!


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PROTOTYPE for the Limited Edition fountain pen in honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Aviator´s Death.
     This was designed by W. Boattini for Stipula. It commemorated Francesco Baracca, the W.W.I. flying ace who died in battleIt was produced in 1988 and 888 pieces were made, but only a couple of prototypes made it into the collectors' market. The cap features a sharp recessed image of a griffin and of a horse on its hind legs on the other side of the cap. The rearing horse is similar to the Ferrari logo. The barrel contains Baracca's signature and the prototype's serial number (P1-888). The pen comes in a yellow tube-shaped box draped with the Italian flag, a replica of those used by W.W.I. aviators to deliver messages to ground troops. Inside the tube is a cloth wrap (olive color), the lower edge of which has an Italian tri-color strip. At the top side there is a dog tag (metal plate) with more information. Also included is documentation about the pen and Francesco Baracca.  The only flaw on this pen is a scratch on the pen's Sterling Silver clip (see photo).  Remember this is a prototype.  This pen was purchased directly from the U.S. distributor of Stipula.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to procure a prototype pen from the first Stipula limited edition model.