Santa Fe Edition XI Retro 1951 Abodanza Limited Edition FP/RB Set - RARE!


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Here's one you rarely see listed: Santa Fe Edition XI, Retro 1951 produced and numbered 18K fountain and roller ball set.  We recently were fortunate to purchase a collection of our Santa Fe Editions (versions I to XX, with only 2 omissions) from one of our long-time customers, who has retired and is liquidating his fantastic pen collection.  This matched numbered (35/50) set has never been used.  Absolutely Mint-In-The-Box!  The set was based on Retro's popular Abodanza series. But, instead of one body matched to a fountain pen and roller ball front end, Retro created two pens for us and produced only 50 of these beautiful sets!  The fountain pen features a Schmidt, 18K fine point nib and is a standard cartridge/converter filled pen.  The roller ball also uses the standard international refill.  The pens feature a stunning pearl-with-black-swirl design, plus double cap band and matching finished clip.  In addition the set is packaged in one of Retro's most creatively designed packages . . . the balsa wood hinged display box.  When you lift the lid, the pens angle out for easy access and beautiful display!