Santa Fe Custom Edition Roller Ball & Pencil Set


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Santa Fe Pens is proud to unveil its latest Exclusive Santa Fe-inspired Custom Limited Edition roller ball and pencil matching numbered sets.  We've created a sister model to our SOLD OUT yellow pattern, this time featuring a turquoise and coral one-of-a-kind design that capitalizes on our decades-long partnership with Retro 1951.  This classic Santa Fe-style set is inspired by Native American imagery, local flora and fauna, architecture, and a certain  floating visitor....  Only 250 of these sets were produced, and each set is packaged in a matching numbered tube.  The roller ball is equipped with the cap-less roller ball refill, but also can take a Parker-style refill, enabling the user to choose from roller, ball point, gel, or easy-flow refills.  The pencil features a dozen 1.1mm leads and 6 replaceable over-sized erasers -- even though Santa Fe Pens' customers never make mistakes.  Act fast, as these beauties will sell quickly due to the stunning nature of the set (as well as the vast network of Retro 1951 collectors)! 

Pen and pencil sets will be available in store, and shipping will commence on Wednesday, December 14.