Platinum Carnelian North American Exclusive

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Platinum North American Exclusive!! Special Edition Carnelian 3776 Century

For the first time, Platinum of Japan presents a limited production 3776 Century series exclusively for North America! Perfect for holiday giving, the stunning Carnelian fountain pen has a rich translucent red body with a diamond-like shimmer paired with rhodium-plated clip, trim and band. The see-through demonstrator fountain pen is enhanced with a rhodium-plated, solid 14K gold nib crafted in Japan. The 3776 Century model is Platinum’s pride and joy, featuring the patented ‘Slip & Seal’ cap - the unique mechanism rotates each time the pen is opened or closed, making it airtight to protect against evaporation and leaks. With its red gemstone finish embedded with glittery sparkles, the Platinum Carnelian 3776 fountain pen is sure to be a favorite gift choice this year. Get yours now while supplies last!

Cartridge/converter fill.