Platinum 3776 President Urushi Fountain Pens (RARE)

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This Platinum 3776 President Urushi fountain pen was offered around 30 years ago (Platinum's U.S. distributor had to contact Japan to verify the info on this pen).  The red lacquered pen features an 18K medium nib (I'm guessing here, as the nib size is stamped in Japanese!), a snap cap, and writes beautifully.  There are no flaws on this item, and if it weren't for close examination of the hand-applied red lacquer on the bottom of the hard rubber cap and top of the pen's barrel, I never would have known it was an actual Urushi model!  The pen will come in its original clam shell box and  includes paperwork as well.  I have added a new Platinum converter, and the pen also takes Platinum cartridges.  This pen comes from my personal collection, and since I haven't been able to find any reference about this pen anywhere on the web, I'll stand behind my title describing this pen as RARE!