Pininfarino PF TWO Fountain, Roller And Ball Pens


Pininfarina PF TWO 

The beauty of the details, the magic of the written words in a digital era.  Precise and essential shapes meet  Pininfarina's timeless design, creating a revolutionary writing instrument, light and ergonomic. A distinguished product, born from a precise micro-mechanical work on aluminum. PF TWO is the second chapter of “Design Writing” project, the collection of unique accessories thought to go above and beyond the mere utility: where the product’s essential function is just the first step. PF TWO is available in three versions: ballpoint, with retractable tip through a twist mechanism, roller with an incomparable smoothness, and a romantic fountain pen with calibrated nib, which guarantees a long ink life, protecting it from changes of atmospheric pressure and temperature. Available nibs: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.