Pilot Custom 912 With The Waverly Nib


The 912 Custom series has been very popular in our shop with the ultra flexible Falcon nib.  Now with the Waverly nib, described online as: "When turned to the side is when you see, this is not an ordinary nib. Did it get dropped? Nope. It is meant to be bent at an angle like this with the tip flared up ever so slightly. According to Pen-Info.jp, it is designed this way to allow any writer to write at any angle. For a left-hander, this means that some of the issues that can sometimes confound a left-handed writer with softer gold nibs, extra fine nibs, or writing overhanded or at odd angles, can be avoided with a nib like this."  This pen has been getting great reviews online, and we're proud to offer it at this event!