Parker Duofold Blue Mosaic International Sized Fountain Pen


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Parker Duofold Mosaic Fountain pen blue. Parker Duofold Mosaic pens are a variant of the legendary Duofold fountain pens of the 1920s.
Although it follows the Duofold pattern, the particularity of the Duofold Mosaic pens lies in their color, based on strips of different colors of acrylic resin. They are inspired by the mosaics of ancient Mesopotamia and are manufactured in the factory that the brand has in England.  The first Duofold Mosaic went on sale in 2001 and was limited to 1,950 units. The Duofold Mosaic fountain pen has an acrylic resin cap like its body, with the characteristic arrowhead clip and the Duofold logo on the top.  The back end of the pen is made of black resin, as is the section The nib is an 18K medium point.  The feeding system is by piston and cartridge (not included). This example is mint in the box with all appropriate paper work.