Parker 51 Set in Box, Green Barrels, Heirloom Caps and 14K Clips, 1948


This is a fourth quarter 1948 Parker 51 set in its original box.  This green barreled set has a couple of very unique features.  First, its a gold filled heirloom cap with 14k SOLID GOLD clips on both the matching pen and pencil.  The pen itself is in excellent condition with no flaws on cap, barrel or hood.  The imprint is nice and deep, and only normal surface wear on the pen itself.  The cap is free from dings, dents or engravings, and the clip's 14k imprint is deep, too! And, the nib is a super smooth medium/broad point.  The pencil is a clutch system, and it too has a clean barrel.  The cap has one small ding on the cap and a deep 14k imprint on clip as well.  The box is in good shape, though the elastic bands have been stretched out.  A hard to find set for the 51 collector.