Monteverde Calibra Pen Set


A perfect addition to any workspace or office, the Monteverde USA Calibra Desk Set has all you need: a pen, a stylus, a unique set of rulers, and a magnetic pen stand. Ergonomically designed to be easy to use, each Calibra is crafted into its unique shape from milled aluminum and then coated with an anodized finish. The pen itself is straightforward; on one end is a smooth twist action mini ballpoint, the other a touch-screen stylus. Constructed to be thicker than the generic ruler, the Calibra 2-sided ruler is easy to grab, pinch, and move, making it ideal for precision or line work. Finished using your pen and ruler set? Simply place your pen back into the magnetic grove atop the ruler. This minimalist pen set is sure to please without taking up too much desk space.  Ballpoint fills with a multi-function refill (Lamy 21).