Montegrappa Fortuna Silver


Introducing The Evolution of The Mule: Silver

Today the new Montegrappa Fortuna Silver collection arrived. There are 3 different styles in the line up ranging from a sleek plain Stainless version and moving on to the engraved versions in Shema and Skull.

The Fortuna Shema engraving is not just deep but filled in to give it depth along with the 3 set stones that set with the Star of David. The details run from the cap, through the body and even the section without forcing you to hold the engraving but simply enjoy its design.

The Fortuna Skull is just outright fun. With this steel engraved version, the design is really intriguing. The skulls are intertwined into a larger skull & cross bones on the cap. The engraving is just the right depth to give it visual appeal while also delivering a smooth but textured finish.

As we viewed the photo results, we’re amazed how the lighting can affect how we can see the patterns within the finish. The Steel Mule, as we are calling it, showed dramatic change with the lights. It was like the shadows were alive on the surface just creeping around the edges and clip.