Laban Winter Edition: A Box of Serenity


Serenity: the perfect antidote to today's trying times.  From dealing with this pandemic, to coping with the economic fallout from the effects of stay at home orders/small business closures, to the animosity created by our current political climate...a serene diversion is of paramount importance for our mental well-being.  Laban has provided that alternative -- Winter Edition: A Box of Serenity!  This gift set includes: One TF-325 series fountain pen in the new Christmas Snow color.  This is a large, comfortable pen with either a fine or medium smooth-writing nib (cartridge/converter fill).  One 20ml bottle of Holly Green ink will set up nicely on the appreciative postcard.  Finally, a very cute embroidered Santa Claus cap is also included for that diversionary tactic to bring joy to your heart and fun to your life.  We were able to procure only 10 (5 fine/5medium) of these wonderful Winter Serenity gift boxes, so act fast to procure a greater peace of mind!  And, as a Black Friday Special, we will include a FREE single Pen Case with each purchase! A $14 value.