Delta King Tut Limited Edition Fountain


Delta presents a new limited edition dedicated to King Tutankhamun, the ‘boy pharaoh’, who reigned during the 18th Egyptian dynasty, from circa 1332 to 1323. King Tut is chiefly known for his intact tomb, discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1922. The artful writing instruments feature a medal in the crown portraying the Egyptian pound, currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the famous solid gold death mask of the Pharaoh. The body of the pen is made from a special hand-turned resin evoking the different brown shades of Egypt’s desert sands. The clip is a faithful reproduction of the stylized, upturned beard of Tutankhamun, which the pharaohs wore. The central band replicates a typical Egyptian ornamental pattern. The band, rings and clip are plated in precious 24K gold. Blue and red resin rings on the cap and barrel are reminiscent of the colored glazes that enrich the golden mask, now preserved in the Cairo Museum. The Tutankhamun collection is limited to only 188 fountain pens, which are fitted with a Delta's Fusion nib, and use the cartridge/converter fill system.