Cross Pen Pouch with TrackR


Introducing the new Cross pen pouch with TrackR bravo technology.  It’s the first pen pouch to feature a mobile tracking device so you can easily track your pen and valuables with a simple smartphone app.  Protect your Cross pen purchase with this stylish smart accessory. 


· Stylish Pen Pouch with TrackR bravo chip keeps track of your Cross pen and small valuables.  

· Easy zipper closure keeps stored items safe.

· Integrated inside pocket that holds TrackR bravo chip securely in place.

· Inside is finished with washable nylon in golden yellow. 

· Pen/Pouch Finder: Find your pouch using simple smartphone app.

· Phone Finder:  Ring your lost phone even on silent mode.

· Separation Alerts: Prevent valuables from being left behind.

· Crowd GPS: TrackR’s network helps you recover your pen pouch. When a TrackR user passes by your lost item, you'll receive an update on your smartphone with its exact location.