Coin Filling Black Chased Hard Rubber No Name Fountain Pen


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Here's a neat one.  A No Name Coin Filling fountain pen in black chased hard rubber.  After the invention of the lever filler (1911-12), companies created ways to avoid paying the Sheaffer Pen Co., royalty payments by modifying their lever filling invention.  One method was to remove the lever altogether and simply use a coin to push down on the pressure bar to fill the pen.  This example is unmarked for the manufacturer, but is stamped S20 on the bottom of the barrel.  The pen is equipped with a warrented 14k nib that is quite flexible.  The pen also sports a very early keel feed.  The pen's chasing and color are outstanding, thought there is a slight gouge (see photos) near the coin slot, which is just a blemish and doesn't effect operation.  A truly collectible and hard to find example of an early filling system.