Aurora Optima Auroloide


Antique materials and meticulous craftsmanship define the Optima.  Reminiscent of the elegance and sobriety of the historic pen of the Thirties, the Optima maintains its unique line and all of its charm to become a cult object for men and women who know how to choose.

The new Auroloide version of the Optima range has been created using antique materials and features hand-finished trims and great attention down to the smallest detail. It is available in four stimulating colours: the new rossa red, blue, green or marbled burgundy. The line offered is composed by fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rolling ball pen.  The cap and barrel in all versions are made of marbled Auroloide, an antique material, yet refined and prestigious. The fountain pen features a solid gold nib and the traditional piston refill mechanism and hidden reservoir.