A.A. Waterman Red Mottled Hard Rubber Paddle/twist Filler


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Here's a super rare A.A. Waterman #3 red mottled hard rubber fountain pen with a twist (paddle) filling system.  This restored pen has a twist knob at the bottom of the barrel.  Turn the knob and the bladder gets twisted.  Release the knob and the bladder expands and fills the pen.  The pen is stamped "self filling," and has an 04 patent date.  The pen is in really nice condition with good color and imprints.  The nib is a very flexible fine point that is stamped "Arthur A. Waterman & Co., New York,No.3-14K, Not connected (L.E. Waterman Co is probably buried under section).  A.A. Waterman was forced to stamp its products not connected to the L.E. Waterman Co. for copyright reasons.  Circa for this hard to find pen is 1905ish.